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przez Greg z filmowe podróże

About our blog and our travels

Hi, it’s really great that you are here!

We are Ana and Greg, travellers, bloggers, film-lovers and islanders originally from Poland.


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Since 2005, with an action camera in hand and eye on the digital camera’s viewfinders, we get to know our fascinating world. In total, we have visited 28 countries on 4 continents. Including 8 islands.

Apart from film and photography, traveling is our greatest passion. We travel budgetally, in various ways. We often look for cheap flights and when we reach our destination we drive a rented car. Sometimes we travel by train or we need to use 4×4 vehicle. And sometimes we use a passenger ship or ferry crossings. We also like to bike and hiking…

We are fascinated by film plans and locations. In many trips, we follow the footsteps of our favorite characters wanting to feel the mood of the places presented on the cinema screen. We are also interested in the islands. So-called insular life. Speaking of the islands – for now we only visited those geographically closest to us, but our plans are very wide.

On this blog, apart from curiosities, stories and memories of our trips you will also find tests on the equipment we use or we used in the past. We will also include here many materials about the life on the island (because from 2006 we live on the island). In search of a sunny life we are in the process of moving to the next island. Go there with us! It will definitely be fun!